Sound System Rental Bangalore

TechnoRent offers Sound System for rent in Bangalore with door delivery & Tech Support. Whether it’s a Conference, Seminar, product launch or a wedding, call us for your audio Equipment rental needs. Don’t know what exactly what you need, don’t worry, leave it to us. Our Experts will take care of it.

Portable PA System for rent
₹1,399 / 12 Hours

Brand: Ahuja

Specs: 125 Watt Active Speaker

Inclusions: 1 Speaker, Microphone, Accessories

This would be the ideal sound system to rent for small gatherings up to 50-60. The sound system is easy to connect and easy to use. It comes with a wired/wireless microphone. The speaker can be connected to laptop or Mobile device using an aux cable or via Bluetooth. Call us to rent this sound system in Bangalore. Home delivery option will be there with some additional charges.

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JBL PA System rental
₹3,499 / 12 Hours

Brand: JBL EON 208P

Specs: 300 Watt PA System

Inclusions: 2*150 Watt Speakers, 2 * Microphones, Accessories

The JBL EON 208P is a standalone PA System which includes speakers, amplifier and a mixer. This PA system would be suitable for medium sized conferences, meetings or any other live music sessions. The system comes with 2 Speakers which will be connected to a 6 channel Audio Mixer. Rent JBL PA System with us at just ₹3,499 for your next event. Two microphones are included with the system. You can choose either wireless, wired or collar microphones according to the requirement.

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QSC PA System Rental Bangalore
₹5,999 / 12 Hours

Brand: QSC K12.2 PA System

Specs: 4000 Watt PA System

Inclusions: 2*2000 Watt Speakers, 2 * Microphones, Audio Mixer, Accessories

QSC K12.2 is a 2,000W, efficient and lightweight Class D power module. The Factory presets cover just about any application you can think of like Dance Music, Vocal Monitor, Stage Monitor, Instrument amplifier, Meeting and much more.

The QSC K12.12 PA System includes 2*2000-Watt speakers, 8 Channel Sound Mixer, 2 * Wireless/Wired Microphones, Other accessories.

QSC Sound system suits for every kind of event. To Rent this sound system call us at 9148575799.

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Wireless Microphone – Set of 2
₹399 / 12 Hours

Brand: Studio master

Specs: 2 wireless microphones

Inclusions: 2 Wireless Microphones, Receiver, Adapter 

The XR 40 HH is a Dual UHF Wireless microphone system consisting of two high quality handheld microphones designed for superior vocals & speech reproduction.

High quality UHF band frequency duet Wireless Microphone System.
Individual channel output with level control & mix output.
Display on Transmitter & Receiver for frequency indication.
Two microphones can be used at the same time.
The XR 40HH consists of two handheld microphones.
To rent this microphone in Bangalore call 9148575799

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DJ package – 2 Top & 2 Sub
₹7,999 / 12 Hours

Brand: JBL/ Peavey / QSC

Specs: 2 Top & 2 Speakers, Audio Mixer & Accessories

The medium sized DJ System is suitable for parties upto 250 people and is perfect for small DJ events & Big Private parties. With two top speakers and two Sub-woofers, the powerful system will deliver a healthy bass response.

Our sound system packages are ideal for the whole spectrum of audio. From speeches or background music to a thrilling DJ night which will see your guests dancing the night away under the atmospheric lighting.

Rent DJ System with us for your next event.

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Shure Beta 58A – Vocal Mic
₹399 / 12 Hours

Brand: Shure

Specs: Single Vocal Microphone with Mic clip

Shure Beta 58 is one of the leading choice among vocalists and professionals worldwide. The shure Beta 58A is a high output super cardioid dynamic vocal microphone designed for professional sound reinforcement.

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Yamaha Audio Mixer – MG 16 XU
₹1,699 / 12 Hours

Brand: Yamaha

Specs: 16 Channel Audio Mixer with fx (10 Mic / 16 Line Inputs)

This audio mixer is suitable for diverse range of users & Applications like installed, recording, live music settings & Much more. Its a 16 Channel Mixing console with Maximum 10 Mic / 16 Line inputs.

Rent this Audio Mixer from us for your next event.

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QSC 32 Channel Digital Mixer
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Brand: QSC Touch Mix Pro 30

Specs: 32 Channel Digital mixer of brand QSC

A remarkable, standard for performance in a compact digital mixer. The QSC touchmix-30 pro has the features and functionality that will the most demanding professional while also providing an intuitive workflow with great results, quickly and easily, to users at all level of experience.

Rent Digital Mixer in Bangalore with us along with the technician..

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