Projectors for Rent Bangalore

TechnoRent provides wide variety of Projectors and screen for rent in Bangalore which can suit for any small, medium or large events. If you are looking for Audio Visual equipment hire in Bangalore Call us at 9148-57-57-99


LCD Projector 3300 Lumens

₹999 / 12 Hours

Brand: Epson

Specs: 3300 Lumens LCD Projector with accessories

Ideal projector for powerpoint presentation, Small video conferences and movie watch. The projector has a contrast ratio of 15000:1 providing stunning visuals along the way. Can be connected either to Laptop or Set top box. Best projector to rent for office or home use.
This projector has HDMI & VGA Output. Rent this projector in Bangalore at just ₹999/12 Hours.

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Projector with Screen

₹1,299 / 12 Hours

Brand: Epson Projector with Screen

Specs: 3300 Lumens Projector with 4FT*6FT Screen

Rent the package of projector with the screen for Just ₹1,299. The package comes with one LCD projector of 3300 Lumens with HDMI Port, a tripod screen of 4 FT*6 FT and all the necessary cables. The delivery will be provided to your doorstep.

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Epson HD Projector

₹1,499 / 12 Hours

Brand: Epson EB 1776W

Specs: 3000 Lumens white & CLO, ultra mobile, wide screen

A top-of-the-range, ultra-mobile, wireless WXGA projector for business users, combining superb image quality, brightness and simple set-up with a range of features.

  • Project in daylight – 3,000 Lumens white and CLO
  • Ultra-mobile design
  • Wide screen – WXGA widescreen resolution
  • Align and adjust – Exclusive Screen Fit function

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Projector Screen with Tripod stand

₹399 / 12 Hours

Brand: Logic

Specs: Size of the Projector screen would be 4FT*6FT with tripod stand

Rent Projector screen in Bangalore at just ₹399. The size of the screen will be 4ft * 6ft with tripod stand.

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Movie night package

₹1,850 / 12 Hours

Brand: Epson

Specs: 3300 Lumens Projector with tripod screen and speakers

Outdoor movie watching has been a popular activity. when drive-in theaters were the coolest way to pass an evening with a date or alongside friends. Today, it’s a common summer event around the world and it’s something you can also do in your own backyard with a projector, which is a lot easier than hauling your TV outside. It’s also a much better way of evoking that nostalgic drive-in feeling.
Call us to arrange a backyard movie screening for you at just ₹1850.

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Projector Screen Rental 6FT*8FT

₹599 / 12 Hours

Brand: Logic

Specs: 6ft*8ft screen with tripod stand rental

Its a Tripod type manual projector screen which is ideal for presentations, meeting rooms, conferences, home cinema etc. The main benefit of a tripod projector screen is its light weight and portability. Screen is made up of fibre material which will ease your eyes as it is strain-free without reflection. The size of the screen is 6ft in height & 8ft in width.

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Projector with Screen

₹150 / Day

Brand: Motorola

Specs: 2 Kms range with all the accessories

Licence Free Walkie Talkie Rental and Hire

We stock a large fleet of Walkie talkie / Two way radios available for both short term and long term rental for your next project. We provide the latest in radio Technology. Rent walkie talkie for your next event.

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Wireless Microphone – Set of 2

₹599 / 12 Hours

Brand: Studio master

Specs: 2 wireless microphone withe one receiver

The XR 40 HH is a Dual UHF Wireless microphone system consisting of two high quality handheld microphones designed for superior vocals & speech reproduction.

  • High quality UHF band frequency duet Wireless Microphone System.
  • Individual channel output with level control & mix output.
  • Display on Transmitter & Receiver for frequency indication.
  • Two microphones can be used at the same time.
  • The XR 40HH consists of two handheld microphones.

To rent this microphone in Bangalore call 9148575799

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